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Pat Conway -
Owner and designer does
all of the designing and
will be happy to work with you
on any project big or small. She is very
good at figuring out what my customers
like and what their individual style is
even if they aren't sure themselves.
We want every customer to be happy
with every job.

Doug Tudor - studio manager
Doug is a superior craftsman and is
responsible for the quality of all the
work that leaves our shop. Nothing
leaves without his stamp of approval
and he is very particular.


  Who are our customers:

At Carolina Creative Glass we have a
wide range of customers. We work with
homeowners on all sorts of residential
projects. We have worked with many
custom builders over the years such as
Carolina Phoenix, Arcadia, Patrick Joseph,
Tim Whelan, Cyras and Beacon and with neighborhood builders like M/I Homes
and Parker & Orleans just to name a few.
We also work with remodelers, designers,
architects, cabinet shops, window and door
companies, churches, restaurants and
hotels. The list is endless.



Member of the Association
of Independent Art Glass Studios

      Carolina Creative Glass & Design, Charlotte NC   704-845-1235 E-Mail  

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